The collection is inspired by authenticity if authenticity as such even exists. In this socially constructed world where we are all wearing fake personas, trying to impress others, we celebrate fake materials over natural ones, nurturing fake relationships and fake nature. In this world of mess, the designer is trying to find what is authentically hers. Living in this estranged times, most people prefer to be cynical about everything. It’s safe. There’s no need to express an opinion when you are cynical, and therefore, there’s no need to be exposed to criticism of others. But what’s left without cynicism?


This collection is a mixture of everything Janja considers hers. Everything that defines her. Using natural textile materials, toned out tones, minimalism and recycled patterns from her previous collections. Mysticism. Traditional witchcraft. Alchemy. Archetypes.


This pure, raw and authentic celebration of authenticity that exists at this moment. No deeper meaning. It just is.

photo Jure Makovec | hair: Mare Dresura frizure | make up: MUD Studio Slovenia | Marcedez Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana  |  May 2018