The collection contains influences from certain shamanic journey rituals. It represents a tribute to our ancestors, which lived their lives coexisting with nature and mother Gaia.


Janja was inspired by the recent publication of the book ‘Z Nevidne Strani Neba’ (‘from the sky’s invisible end’) by ‘Pavel Medvešček’, which uncovers, through testimonals by the locals, how certain Slovenians within the ‘Posoška’ region kept their old pagan beliefs, even after centuries of Christian influence.


The religion is highly reminiscent of early shamanic traditions and beliefs.


It contains no strict dogmas. Sin, as we understand it, does not exist within it. Sexuality is not taboo. Believers celebrated life, nature and a mother goddes. Seperation didn’t exist within it, believing that a connection to the divine is a fundemental right of every person.


The collection represents the aformentioned beliefs through its choices of material, hidden symbolism, and the addition of elements, which were once choice parts of shaman robes, such as tassels, embroidery and live edges.

Traditional and raw materials intertwine within futuristic silhouettes placing the collection firmly within a modern context.


The collection is not seasonal, it does not adhere to current trends, molds or a target audience. They simply are.