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janja videc witches lookbook razstava (15 of 24)

A glimpse into the exhibition on the creative process that is behind the Witches lookbook collection, 17.9. 2015  – 17. 10. 2015, Slovene Ethnographic museum, Ljubljna.


My exploration manifested itself through a story of a modern woman, a witch, who on the outside lives a perfectly ordinary life in a chaotic big city, while at the same time she dwells in her inner world, in the middle of a forest which is ruled by entirely different laws. I explored the witch not only through my own eyes, but also through the understanding of other women.


In the context of the exhibition, I invited women around me who inspire me, who I learn from, who represent examples I follow and my mirror, to write down how they see a modern wild woman/a witch and what their relationship towards that image is… I am extremely grateful to all the women who contributed their part to the illumination of our attitude towards this buried archetypal image. Each and every one of them has taught me something, each has left a trace in the fabric of life. Their texts are, for the time being, only available in Slovenian, but you can read more about the exhibition here.