Inanna tells the story about sisterhood, the female energy, the body as the temple of the soul, the story about acceptance, about respecting the nature, about embodiment, about loving oneself, about lunar cycles and modern goddesses/priestesses, about worship of sexuality, about authenticity and female wisdom.


The collection was inspired by the myth of the Sumerian goddess Innana and her voyage to the underworld where she encounters seven gates. At each gate, she casts off a piece of her clothing and, finally, she stands naked at the last gate and faces her dark sister, her darker side.


It is a symbolic voyage to one’s own »underworld«, it represents one’s death and rebirth to awareness, to complete acceptance of everything one is, and to commitment towards neverending growth and spiritual development. Consequently, it represents the birth of new ways of operation through the connection with one’s own body, the nature, and the people around us. The latter is reflected in the use of natural fibers which support the natural balance of the body and its surroundings, and in minimalistic lines and subtle details in the garments which, through their simple beauty, accentuate the personality of the woman who wears them, and make room for her true nature to express itself.


photo Karim Shalaby | photo assistant: Samantha Kandinsky | makeup&hair Ema Bavcon | models: Mojka & Nika Koncilja  |  Shoes: United Nude